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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Sipnosis Buku : Fire Officer's Handbook Of Tactics Third Edition

Sipnosis Buku : Fire Officer's Handbook Of Tactics Third Edition

Pengarang : John Norman 
Penerbit : Fire Engineering 
ISBN : 1-59370-061-X 

Sipnosis :
This edition is written in the post 9/11 era of the New York City Fire Department, a department that for nearly 140 years as a career organization has prided itself on being on aggressive interior firefighting organization. 

Modern firefighting is a continually evolving science. New technologies are constantly being applied to the fire service, both from within and without. Some, like new chemical compounds or new locking devices, can increase our operating problems. Other, such as laptop computers and hydraulic forcible entry tools, can help us keep pace with these changes. The strategies of modern firefighting, however, haven't changed. The basic -- protect life, confine the fire and extinguish -- are constants. 

This book isn't intended to be a training manual to guide firefighters through physical tasks such as operating power saws and pumpers. Excellent training programs are available from various sources, the contents of which couldn't possibly be condensed into even two or three volumes of this size. 

Instead, this book offers basic goals for handling specific types of emergencies and practical tips on how to archieve those goals. By neccessity, many of the topics covered here aren't new, nor are some of the solutions offered. There isn't anything new, after all, that can be added to a fire department's basic goal ; to protect life and property. To try to attribute each concept or guideline to a specific author or fire department is, if not impossible, certainly improper, since most department encountering a similar problem will work out a solution that fits within their guidelines of acceptable practice.

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