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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sipnosis buku : Introduction To Fire Protection 2nd Edition


Pengarang : Robert Klinoff
Terbitan : Thomson Delmar Learning
ISBN : 0-7668-4958-9

Discover what you need to know to obtain a career in fire service or fire protection! Written by a certified master instructor and hazardous materials specialist, the second edition of Introduction to Fire Protection has been thoroughly updated based on the 2001 National Fire Codes, and includes the latest information on the Candidate Physical Ability test. A great resource for anyone considering a career in fire protection, this comprehensive orientation manual outlines entrance requirements in detail and provides meticulous coverage of fire-related subjects, such as fire chemistry and physics, fire department administration, fire protection devices and  equipment, emergency operations, and public and private support organizations.

The second edition also features the latest incident command system information, plus an all-new section on Risk Management, one of the driving forces behind fire protection planning today. Progressively written, this book underscores the role of public education and prevention and its importance in the modern fire service. A directory of fire-related web sites is also provided in an appendix for readers who want to take advantage of the Internet to research educational opportunities, and fire protection job descriptions.

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